Air Quality

• Measurement of Air Quality parameters and try to verify, fine-tune or improve the existing ambient air quality models.


•Measures and collects the data related to the TDS, pH, salinity, water level and water flow, pressure of the water within the campus and perform the required data analytics to understand the quality of water and water consumed and Leakage detection.


•Monitors and collects the weather parameters and uses the data to control the energy consumption and air quality evaluation.


•Monitors and measures the Solar energy related parameters in and around the campus. Increases the performance of solar panels by measuring the power produced and using a camera to track the movement of sun and adjust the panels automatically to give the maximum output and fault diagnostics.

Energy Monitoring

•Monitor energy generation and consumption in and around the campus to regulate the usage of electronic appliances and help in optimize the power consumption.

Smart Room

•Uses the infrastructure and provides controls for a room to use the power effectively. It monitors and collects the data related to temperature, humidity, Co2 levels and movement and adjusts the room HVAC controls accordingly. •Smart energy home devices.

Crowd Monitoring

•Measures the crowd density (#of people), mask violations (#of violations in a zone), safe distance violations (#no of violations in a zone) to develop a crowd management solution for smart camps/cities.

Smart Lamppost

•Based on the external light available, it automatically controls the on/off switching of the streetlights. It also presents the air quality, weather condition etc.

Structural Health

•Monitors and collets data related to the structural health of the buildings and evaluate the structural health.