Conventional Energy

Energy Measurement is a necessity nowadays. As the consumption of energy is increasing more fuel is used in the production of the energy. This results in the increase of greenhouse gases and this results in an increase in average temperature of the planet. This results in melting of the glaciers, increase in sea level and change in climate condition.

What are we trying to do?

Power consumption is monitored at regular intervals to regulate the usage of electronic appliances and help in reducing the power consumption. Its also gives us details about voltage and current that is consumed.

Solar Energy

Energy from fossil fuels like coal produce a huge amount of carbon footprint. That is adversely affecting the climate of this world and is also in limited amounts. A renewable source of energy is needed with less carbon footprint. Thus, we are using solar energy as an alternative to fossil fuel. This does not have much carbon footprint. But there are problems associated with solar energy. Solar panels, our main source to harness solar energy, are not very efficient and it requires a large amount of investment in the land area.

What are we trying to do?

At IIIT we are developing a method to increase the performance of solar panels by measuring the power produced and using a camera to track the movement of sun and adjust the panels automatically to give the maximum output. We also measure the difference in CO2 that happened because of using solar panels.