Proposal Phase


Project Demo Phase
Start Date
Apr 18, 2021
End Date
May 30, 2021
  • Shortlisted finalists are invited to give a demonstration in the Living Lab at IIITH on May 30th, 2021.
  • Selected finalists will be considered for a pilot project in the state of Telangana.

Water challenge was launched by Smart City Living Lab, IIITH in association with Government of Telangana & NIUM together in Feb-March, 2021 timeframe to find viable solutions to the problems faced regarding water quality, supply and non-revenue water by the cities.
The panellists were from Academia (IIITH), Government bodies (MEITY, HMWSSB, NIUM), private consultants from WRI, and technology partners EBTC.
The topics of the challenge were :

- Non-revenue Water (Water revenue lost due to unaccounted water, pipe-breakage or lost in tanks or in pilferage, etc.)
- Water Quality and Quantity Monitoring
- Wastewater industrial/sewerage etc and rain-water
- Water drains
-Open innovation

The panelists shortlisted these four finalists after multiple rounds and thorough screening:

- Oceo Water Pvt Ltd - Pipeline Water Leak Detection from Space (Jalashay): AI enabled hydrological analytics derived from Satellite images to help public utilities to forecast accurately and detect water leakages in water transmission networks without physically being present on the field.
- IIITH - Smart Water Meter Solutions: Low cost retrofit for digitisation of analog water meter, a viable replacement of expensive digital water meters.
- EyeNet Aqua & IITM - Online water quality monitoring unit for water source and end user node with indigenous chlorine sensors along with other sensors.
- Aqua-Q AB, SWEDEN - Water quality monitoring solution: Real-time online early warning system for quality assurance, smart sampling, tracking of micro-contaminants & removal of contaminants in drinking water and treated wastewater.

The shortlisted solutions will be demonstrated at IIITH within a month and the winner will stand a chance to do a solution pilot run in one of the cities of Telangana.